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Light-weight partitions, Guard Rail and Stair Railings

TBP offer a wide range of product on Light-weight partitions, guard rail and stair railings. If you have any project, our technical team will be glad to help you to obtain the best result.

Light-weight partitions

It offers an optimised working space with preserved user-friendliness. The filling of light partitions can be either with:

– Glazed, single or double wall, for more light;
– Solid for more confidentiality in melamine or wood veneered MDF panel.

The main advantages of the movable partition office are space efficiency and ergonomic comfort. With this type of office, you can create a personalised space that matches your own working needs.

Guard Rail

Safety and modernity in perfect harmony. Various types of aluminium structures (anodized look like stainless steel or powder-coated) and material filling:

– Toughened and laminated glass
– Perforated or expanded metal
– Aluminium bars